One Media Plan for several channels – new feature for clients, who manage more than one channel

AdvertiZoom project’s team released a new feature in the system — it is now possible to plan and place advertising for several channels in one media plan.

This feature is turned off in the default mode if you want to use it — please send an email to

How does it work?

You won’t have any difficulties using the new feature, as system’s interface for working with media plans hadn’t changed.

In media plan menu in the Broadcast field, you can now select two or more channels at once.

When working with media plans and checking the advertisement placement, for example, the channel selection appears.

This feature will be very helpful if you want to plan and place the same client’s advertisement on several of your channels. Or for the task of placing announcements and promo clips.

Availability of this feature allows using AdvertiZoom system for the tasks of planning advertisement on digital frameworks and monitors. And we already have such case.

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