AZ system on NTV Series, Rights, Style (Russia)

Thematic channels of NTV broadcaster.

«NTV Series» — a clock channel of the best TV series, TV movies and telenovelas NTV. Among them, in particular, «Return Mukhtar», «Karpov» «Piatnitski» «Foundry», «chef.» In the future it is planned to channel its own production of exclusive thematic content, in particular the top of the charts, interview the actors, serials and kinonovostey, filming the production process of new TV shows, and more. After some time, the channel will begin to show the premiere of TV series in catch-up mode.

«NTV Rights» — non-documentary and educational channel of judicial and legal subjects. channel grid will make the show court, investigative journalism, journalism, documentary TV series such as «Trial by Jury», «Before the trial», «The prosecutor’s check,» «Forensic Detective» and other projects that went at different times in the day NTV. Also, «NTV Rights» will show daily newscasts «state of emergency».

«NTV Style» — non-stop channel for lifestyle programs. The grid of the new channel will feature the best of NTV programs, travel, design, home repair and landscaping, cooking, gastronomy, consumer and make-over shows, programs about healthy lifestyle and psychology, documentary projects. Among them, «Housing Problem», «Suburban answer», «Let’s go, let’s go!» «Their manners», «Female View», «I’m losing weight.»