Cloud-Based Television Channel Automation System: Launch Your Channel with Ease and Minimal Infrastructure Investment
With AZ, you can:
✔️ Fully automate core processes of television channels and TV advertising agencies.
✔️ Automate planning and channel management.
✔️ Control ad blocks and optimize ad revenue.
✔️ Instantly fill advertising content and manage its placement.
✔️ Efficiently manage content, broadcasts, and other crucial channel aspects.
Are you looking for a powerful solution to streamline your television channel operations? Look no further than AdvertiZoom (AZ), a robust cloud-based automation system that will transform your channel into an efficient enterprise. With AZ, you can launch your channel hassle-free and with minimal infrastructure costs.
  • Only 300 euros per month
  • Launch your pilot project in 2-5 days
AdvertiZoom is the perfect solution for you if:
AZ is ideal for television channels aiming to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and quickly launch their projects. Instead of investing in servers and equipment, you gain access to all the necessary tools and functionalities through our cloud infrastructure.
The system is available at a monthly price of only 300 euros with no user limitations. Moreover, you can kickstart your pilot project within just 2-5 days thanks to our swift implementation process.
  1. You currently use Excel or Google Docs for medium- to long-term planning.
  2. Multiple individuals collaborate on your broadcast schedule.
  3. You need to plan advertising, cross-promotions, and other types of media plans.
  4. You have a complex, outdated, or proprietary automation system.
Don't miss out on this opportunity! Try the AZ system today!