How to Increase Efficiency and Save Time When Advertising on TV Channels: The Benefits of the AdvertiZoom System
✔️ Real-time ad placement management: The AdvertiZoom system allows for the dynamic and instantaneous control of all ad placements.
✔️ Planning and evaluation: Advertisers can assess the feasibility of their ad orders within the system, ensuring the fulfillment of their advertising requirements.
✔️ Adaptation to channel schedule changes: If the TV channel schedule undergoes modifications, the AdvertiZoom system can automatically reposition ads and highlight which commercials cannot be displayed due to the changes.
Advertising on television channels can be a complex and costly task for any TV network. With 24 hours of broadcasting every day, each hour contains 2 to 3 advertising blocks (commercial breaks) that last from 2 to 3 minutes. The arrangement of these advertising blocks may vary across different TV channels. Client commercials, on the other hand, typically have a duration of 20 to 30 seconds. To fill all the advertising slots, a staggering 430 commercial clips need to be placed, meaning 3 blocks per hour, 2 minutes each, over a 24-hour period, with 20-second ad lengths. This is a daily challenge!
How AdvertiZoom Solves These Challenges:
The Challenges Faced:
  1. Position within the block: Either at the beginning of the commercial break while viewers are still attentive or at the end when they return to the TV.
  2. Time constraints: For instance, a client may want their ad to air precisely during a specific time slot, like 7:50 AM when viewers are still at home before heading to work.
  3. Bulk ad placements: Some clients might prefer a package deal where their ads air multiple times during different intervals throughout the day.
  4. Thematic restrictions: Clients may wish to avoid having their ads shown next to competitor commercials or content that conflicts with their brand image.
  5. Leveraging promotional clips and announcements: Utilizing system mechanisms to fill the remaining ad slots with promos and announcements.
When clients place advertising orders on TV channels, they often have specific requests and limitations for the display of their commercials, such as:
With AdvertiZoom's innovative features and real-time optimization capabilities, TV channels and advertisers can streamline their advertising processes, increase ad effectiveness, and maximize their return on investment. Save time, enhance efficiency, and achieve better results with the AdvertiZoom system!
The AdvertiZoom system provides a powerful tool that enables the complete automation of ad management and placements across various types of TV channels: those with their broadcasting, channels that relay content, and channels on which agencies sell advertising space.
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