Broadcast diff

We added a new ability to compare the schedules of different channels and their versions.

How it works:

  • Go to the «Reports -> Broadcast diff»;
  • Choose two of the compared channel and their version (for example, one channel and its basic and asrunlog version);
  • Select a comparison date;
  • Specify that compare:
    • Without Ad (programs only)
    • With Ad (programs + ad units)
    • Only Ad (Only fill of ad units)
    • By contant (It is used to compare the virtual blocks of «through» channels)
  • Click the «Compare».

Displayed channel schedule with the ability to navigate through the buttons to the next / previous difference, which is also highlighted in the timeline.

The blocks, which have a variety of programs, outputs, different time to, etc. will be highlighted in red dotted line, a comment with a description of the differences will be displayed when you hover the mouse on the block.

Please contact us in case of any questions: