Content Rights Management

New functions of establishment of agreements on the content, setting output and technical reps restrictions, working with schedule, reporting.

Rights Management is carried out in a separate menu named «Contracts».

The general principle of the managing rights consists of the following stages:

  • Administrator creates «Contracts Types». Different types may have different stages in «workflow». For example the contract for the purchase approved by the responsible person, and the contract for creating own content (for the account of its production) can pass without authorization.
  • Creating classifier of sellers and buyers of content in the «Clients» section.
  • Create a contract, indicating its validity, type, etc.
  • Filling the contract programs. Note permitted number of airings, technical replies.
  • Approval of the contract.

Further, when placing the program with approved rights, system will check the outputs and replies and their violations, warns the infringement, but does not prohibit such outputs in the playlist (it is your responsibility).

After the airing of the program, it can be found in the Contract reports.

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