How I can connect to the system and what about payment?

We conclude a contract for the rental and maintenance of the system. After signing the contract you will pay the bill each month, and we will send you the acts of the work performed.

It’s just worth a total of 300 euros? Don’t you need any extra payments?
Absolutely right. This amount already includes the cost of the initial configuration of the system and support.

Are there any discounts?
Of course yes. If you pay a year in advance we will give you 10% discount. Please contact us and we will tell more.

Do I have to pay something for additional users of the system?
No. Number of system users is unlimited.

Is it possible to make a refund?
Unfortunately no.

How the service support works?

Just send us email with problem description and screenshot — support@advertizoom.com.

We provide comprehensive technical support for setting up the system. We use e-mail, Skype, phone and remote access program to the user’s computer.
The most effective way — a voice chat on Skype and remote desktop connection. This approach allows us to resolve all the difficulties quickly, as if we were close by and worked with one computer. Of course, free of charge.

Can I try AdvertiZoom for free before signing a contract? Do you have demo version?
Of course. Write to us and we will give you an access.

What about the test period? What if I will not like AdvertiZoom?
We will help you set up the system to the peculiarities of your channel and, of course, will give 1 month free operation. And of course — you just love it 🙂

Who and how will prepare the first configuration of the system?
Create all the users, configure permissions, workflows, media plan approval;
In most cases, it puts the local AZ-Agent mini-application that transmits data AdvertiZoom your media library (File, MAM) by means of http-requests. This app allows you to get meta-information about the files to stream them into the system to refine the offerings, and for some video servers — create playlists;
Initialize the starting library files and system directories.
That’s all, the system can work. Speaking in simple language — it’s very easy.

What about updates? They are free? Where to download and how to install?
Forget about it. The system will update automatically and free of charge 1-2 times a month. You will always have the most actual version.

Where the system is installed?
We set up a separate server for you;
We put a copy of the program, set up backups, monitoring, auto-update;
Your system will be available at http://your-company-name.advzoom.com
If necessary, make access filter your ip-address.

What video servers AdvertiZoom supports?
Cinegy, SkyLark, Playbox, Форвард-Т, VectorBox, Dayang, Bram Autoplay, vMix, ToolsOnAir, WinJay. If your video server is not listed, we will make the integration ASAP.

Is it possible to transfer all the data from the old system to AdvertiZoom quickly?
Yes. We have a mechanism of data import programs and broadcasting network through the Excel-table.

Is it possible to expand the program guides with new fields?
Yes, there is a special button «Custom Fields». You can create any number of fields of any type in the «Customers», «Programs», «Media plans».

I got out error in the system! What to do?!
Exhale and write to us. Will eliminate immediately 🙂

Do you have other questions or want to clarify something?
Write to us: sales@advertizoom.com