Ratings in the AdvertiZoom system, release May 2019

AdvertiZoom (AZ) project team released the feature of working with ratings. This term refers to the percentage of the audience that engaged with a certain broadcast (tv-programs, commercial breaks, advertising clips). The rating tool is very important for collecting statistics, analyzing the effectiveness of placing commercials, analyzing concordance of the intended audience to the real one.

AZ system allows to:

  1. create and import ratings
  2. administrate ratings’ audiences
  3. plan advertising and broadcasts factoring in the ratings

List of new features in AZ system for working with ratings:

  • The «Ratings» section includes functions for creating, editing and viewing ratings.
  • Rating is created for each channel separately
  • Ratings are divided into planned and actual, both types are in the system
  • Planned rating can be changed and created in the system
  • The actual rating in the system can only be viewed. To import a rating, the user needs special access. The user can download the ratings from the Mediascope systems and others and upload them to AZ
  • For each channel, it is possible to specify your audience ratings.
  • Media planning can be done based on ratings.
  • In media plans, you can specify the default audience rating
  • Media plans can be exported to Excel with calculated values ​​of ratings (MP export type 3)

Short video of how AZ works with ratings

For more information – email us support@advertizoom.com

AZ Signalas, Cloud Playout Server — release January 2019

Main changes in AZ Signalas project in the January 2019 release

  1. Improvement in management of all possible graphic overlays
  2. Implementation of work with DTMF-tags, the possibility of inserting tags on air and adding tags to the stream
  3. Implementation of AsRun logs upload and improvement of line-ups comparison reports, plan and fact of air
  4. Formatting streams for CDNetworks, ability to create streams for broadcasting on Youtube, VK, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and others
  5. Information about the AZ Signalas project on the promo website https://signalas.advertizoom.com