Revolutionize Your TV Channel Management with AdvertiZoom
Modern, fast and reliable way to control TV broadcasting from any device. Streamline operations, optimize media planning, and maximize resource utilization.
management. AdvertiZoom makes broadcasting net management simple.
Automate and
transform your television channel
Is manual TV channel programming consuming valuable time and effort?
Are you struggling with the low efficiency of integrating advertising?
Launching a new TV channel proving to be a challenge due to its inherent complexities and expenses?
Take advantage of real-time control over your broadcasting assets, including efficient program storage management.
AdvertiZoom is here to revolutionize how television channels, as well as advertising agencies, manage their business processes in real-time.
With AdvertiZoom, you gain complete control over scheduling and seamless management of your broadcast networks.
Say goodbye to manual programming as AdvertiZoom automates planning, channel management, and content placement across different channels and video servers.
With error detection and export capabilities, you can ensure accurate content delivery while easily importing data from external sources. Take advantage of real-time control over your broadcasting assets, including efficient program storage management.
The Great Combination!
Everything is in the cloud for linear television! Stop spend money on infrastructure!
Media planning and automatic advertising placement: the ability to control free and used spots. Media plans and traffic logs export.
Modern and user-friendly interface: the system is implemented on the web, all the work is done in the browser. No need to install anything, you can work from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.
Convenient scheduling and broadcasting network programming: integration with video servers and broadcast systems, playlists export. Ability to import As Run Log from broadcast server and to perform a planned and actual TV-show airing comparison.
Unlock the true potential of your TV channels and advertising agency with AdvertiZoom's comprehensive system.
Fully automate core processes, leaving you with more time to focus on delivering exceptional content and growing your audience.
Effortlessly manage ad blocks, optimize ad revenue, and instantly fill advertising content while effectively managing your content, broadcasts, and other crucial channel aspects.
It’s really easy to start working
We create an application for your channel accessed with a subdomain
You setup an access to your media files and meta information (we’re always ready to assist you)
Your application is ready to work!
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Connecting an additional channel to Advertizoom – 145 euros per month
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Full service guarantee
How much does it cost and what do you get?
Access to the system is provided as Service (SaaS) on the basis of a monthly subscription fee. No additional costs, payments and fees.
  • Accessible 24/7 from any device
  • Automatic update of the system
  • Detailed reports and analytics
  • Training, support, and advice on working with the system
per month
300 euros
AdvertiZoom has already empowered numerous clients, successfully running on 64 TV channels.
Monitor playout servers and generate insightful reports on advertising, schedule, and more.
Experience real-time integration with any industrial playout engine, manage your entire media library effortlessly, and create and manage media plans, advertisements, announcements, and promos.
Import AsRun logs and compare original and AsRun schedules with ease.
Ready to transform your television channel management?
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